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Cards are out.
Faces are in.

Welcome to the future of attendance tracking. PerfectFace is an innovative facial recognition feature that will eliminate the need for cards for member-based organisations. Your members can easily self-check-in by scanning their faces.

PerfectFace - Revolutionising the Member-Based Industry

PerfectFace captures and stores the faces unique characteristics while never storing a personal image and simultaneously using advanced encryption. Never use membership cards again while at the same time saving money, time, and the environment.


No Cards Required: Smart Scanning

    No need to carry around cards anymore! With PerfectFace your members only need to step up to the camera and press a button. PerfectFace does the rest. Smart Scanning disregards glasses and jewelry and concentrates on the facial features.

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Save Time, Money, and the Environment

    New members only need to have a picture taken. No need to order and re-order membership cards ever again. Using this technology will eliminate the need for items that will eventually find their way to the landfills.


Added Security

    Only facial features are stored, never the original images. Information is encrypted at the browser level and facial features are available only to your organisation's database.

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Face Training

    PerfectFace learns the features of a face by comparing 5 images and then storing 21 unique facial features. The original images are not stored so your members' privacy can be protected. Our image algorithm looks for 99% similarities.

What about personal privacy?
PerfectFace takes your privacy very seriously. No images are stored. Facial features are stored like a “key” and the original images are never retained.
What if two organisations both use PerfectFace?
Your information is completely separate from other clients. If your member visits multiple organisations, using PerfectFace, they would need to have their face mapped at each location. No information is shared between databases.
What kind of hardware do I need?
PerfectFace only requires a computer with a webcam or a tablet. There is a high probability that you already use these devices in your organisation.
Is PerfectFace hard to use?
No, all you need to do is turn on the setting for PerfectFace and then map a member's face. Once mapped, the system will use the same rules as the normal check-in. It's that easy!
What if it can't recognise my face?
In the rare event that a face can not be recognised you still have the ability to perform a manual keyboard input.