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How Can We Afford to Offer All This?

We have developed technology that uses crowd sharing campaigns that learn from one industry and apply it to others for better success, except of course your competitors. Save thousands of dollars a month on content, graphic design, development resources, and marketing expertise, yet still look unique in front of your members!
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SEO Friendly Websites

Google’s search engine algorithm is changing all the time and it is harder to stay relevant if you don’t have a big budget. We partner up with our customers to build them not only an amazing member-focused website, but we also optimise their website, so they rank well in search engine results.

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SEO friendly Websites

What Clients Say About Our Marketing Services

Besides tracking the traffic from our landing pages and forms from the marketing initiatives, it’s amazing to hear students and families mention the Facebook ad they saw, or the email they received that were all generated by the marketing service. My clients have the opinion that I’m a master marketer, and often I simply smile and agree.

Barrie Karate Inc

Barrie Karate Inc

Dan McDougall

Barrie Karate Inc

Since we have used Xplor Recreation and its website capabilities, our students can register for events online and that has been very helpful. Our event registration has gone up considerably.

Melting Point Yoga

Melting Point Yoga

Mary Kennedy

Melting Point Yoga

I knew I needed a web presence but didn’t know how to monetize my website before using the marketing services. It is a better use of my time to focus on my students and let professionals worry about the online marketing processes.

Elkhorn Flying Dragons

Elkhorn Flying Dragons

Robert Perk

Elkhorn Flying Dragons
Save time and generate results with your very own team of marketing experts!
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Champions Martial Arts Academy
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Digital Marketing Insights & Resources

We are here to help you navigate through the complex, ever-changing digital marketing landscape through our library of useful resources
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