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5.2.3 Hotfix - July 12th, 2019 (Environments: BETA)

Hotfixes were applied to all BETA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Accounting - Journal record for future booking moves to date of amendment though the reversal of the revenue that booking is posted in the future
  • Accounting - Journals imbalance on amending child care event with Partial processing invoice with discount applied
  • Accounting - GL account not update to using the new selected GL Account after Facility Amendment
  • Accounting - Membership Discount Proportion Issues
  • Billing - CC Settlement Update
  • Billing - Unable to refund remaining amount
  • Billing - Cannot reverse a payment when 'Refund to credit only' selected on payment method
  • Billing - Update invoice status to active and payment as declined.
  • Billing - Unable to pay out account credit to credit card
  • Billing - Unable to forfeit
  • Billing - Create missing trans in PM
  • Billing - July 3rd 2019: Missing Transactions
  • Calendar - Prime and Non-Prime fee not showing in fee breakdown
  • Calendar - Cannot refund to original method of payment for custom payment method
  • Calendar - Date Range, no calendar returned if there is facility booking calendar
  • Calendar - Getting waitlist Calendar settin
  • Calendar - Book Contact to Waitlist get Error while can get added to wailtlist
  • CRM - Bug in Facility Agreement after Send to Sign
  • CRM - Printing ID cards using default printer does not print client photos
  • CRM - Bug in Facility Agreement after Send to Sign
  • CRM - Sales information report displaying incorrect information
  • Store - A single cent is deducted/added to total amount due when a 0$ product is added to a cart with an existing non $0 product(s)