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5.2.3 Hotfix - August 15th, 2019 (Environments: LA)

Hotfixes were applied to all LA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Accounting - Contract Rollover not create defer at all for some facility contract
  • Billing - G422986 Johnson County: Transaction in WorldPay but not in PerfectMind
  • Billing - G422986 JoCo: Transactions in WorldPay not in PM
  • Billing - Payment did not auto processed by system
  • Billing - Scheduled invoices didn't attempt to charge the card
  • Billing - G422986 JoCo: Missing transaction on PM
  • Billing - Payments status is still in-progress
  • Billing - Scheduled invoice didn't attempt to charge the card
  • Calendar - Service Filter: Select All takes long time to load
  • Calendar - Location Filter: System brings user to event list page when filter returns one calendar
  • Calendar - Service Filter: System brings user to event list page when filter returns one calendar
  • Calendar - Schedule View: Event Details, Additional Requirement
  • Calendar - iPhoneXS - Date/Time View not Loading Up
  • Calendar - Hover over multiple staff names shows multiple popups unexpectedly
  • Calendar - Event: Unable to edit event 53441, need to remove event from online
  • Calendar - Extras are doubling on Amendment
  • Calendar - Attendance not getting recorded via PmScan
  • Calendar - Error returns on navigating to POS when booking to calendar events
  • Calendar - Error on Withdrawing and refunding client
  • Calendar - Error on Completing Checkout on paying attendee with replacing Fee on Amend Registration
  • Calendar - Optional Extras deselected on selecting for another member when paying for event with P2R enabled
  • CRM - Members unable to change password via manage login; incorrect error
  • Facility & Space - Advanced reservations: Fee and GL Account no longer auto-populate upon creating new reservations
  • Facility & Space - Facility Contract Amendment could not be completed error
  • Facility & Space - Throwing an error when completing an amendment for a contract
  • Marketing - Widget showing availability for booked dates when using jump to date
  • Online Community - Membership widget price range saving in incorrect order
  • PM Scan - Not Enable [Enforce Facility Access Check], Attendance Record Event is Not Selected Event


Please Note Below

Important Update Notification for PM Scan and Smartclient


If you use PM Scan or Smartclient in your rec center, we want to inform you that some clients may see an error message indicating they are “Unable to install or run this application" after the update on the evening of Tuesday, August 13th

Why Am I Seeing This Message?

As there were improvements made to PM Scan and Smartclient during the 5.2.3 release, the application may require one of the following updates: 

  • an update of the .NET Framework on the local machine it is running on 
  • installation of a new version of the application 

What Should I Do? 

Both of these updates require an administrator. In either case, please notify your IT administrator to assist you with this update. We recommend having IT admin staff present the morning of Wednesday, August 14th to ensure smooth business operations. 


The PerfectMind Team