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Recreation &
Leisure Management Software

All-in-one recreation and leisure management software that lets your clients easily self serve their needs, and makes your team's lives simpler — with a modern, easy-to-use interface that scales to any size. We service industries including leisure and recreation centres, community and university facilities, swim schools, fitness studios, and more.

Industries We Serve

Leisure & Recreation
Simplify your leisure or recreation centre operations with our intuitive all-in-one software—no matter the size of your organisation.
University Sports Facilities
Take your university sports facility to the next level with smart facility management software that handles everything.
Venue & Events Management
Manage bookings, schedules, and rentals for indoor and outdoor facilities, parks, fields, campgrounds, meeting spaces, party venues, and access more features with our powerful venue and events management software.
Quit swimming upstream. Keep your students on track with in-depth skill assessment, real-time reporting, and more.

Secure, Stable and Scalable

PCI-DSS Compliancy
Xplor Recreation complies with PCI, ISO and SOC standards to ensure long-term security and scalability
24/7 Network Protection
We monitor network traffic, protect against malicious activities, and block intrusions 24/7/365
99.95% Uptime Guarantee
Our platform’s uptime makes service interruptions unlikely so your customers can enjoy a seamless experience
Elastic Cloud Computing
Xplor Recreation uses Amazon EC2 which allows your business to scale quickly and efficiently when required
Disaster Recovery Plan
Your data is backed up on a regularly scheduled basis and replicated to ensure availability
Data Privacy Protection
You retain ownership of all your data, and it always resides in the country of origin

Enjoy peace of mind with membership management
software that ensures long-term security.