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Web-Based Membership Management System

Managing your leads, clients and membership database made simple and efficient using our easy-to-use contact relationship and membership software. Streamline and automate your communication to reduce administrative tasks so you can focus on what’s important: your customers.
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Flexible Membership

Sell multiple memberships under the same profile and customise memberships just the way your members like them. Effortlessly sell and manage groups, family and multiple membership options, while safely storing member data on our membership datatbase software.
    • Multi-program memberships
    • Membership renewals
    • Ongoing membership support
    • Freeze or hold membership
    • Group membership options
    • Sell membership options online
    • Accessible member portal
    • Membership fees
    • Manage per station access 
    • Time-limited punch passes
    • Class membership options
    • Membership database management
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Contacts and Accounts

Simple, straight-forward membership management from a central database. Use our membership subscription software to handle schedules, membership renewals, duplicates, family members, course levels activities, financial information, and documents for each contact and group account.
    • 360 activity views
    • Prompt and alerts
    • Group and family accounts
    • Level management system
    • Membership database
    • Duplicate account system
    • Account credits and overdues
    • Role-based page layouts
    • Member directory
    • Subsidy allocation approval
    • Voice broadcast and SMS notifications
    • Online customer access
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Staff Management System

View all staff schedules in one master calendar. Use our membership software to empower staff to take control of their schedules by letting them set their availability from any smart device.
    • Staff time clock
    • Payroll management
    • Availability and scheduling
    • Volunteer management
    • Role-based permissions
    • Secure staff member database
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screenshot of online documents in member management software

Document Management

Centralise and organise documents on your membership database from anywhere. Take advantage of PerfectMind's easy-to-use cloud-based membership management services to create, save, print, upload, and manage documents for your organisation securely in the cloud.
    • Customise labels and certificates 
    • HTML, MS Word merge document support
    • Send to sign for contracts
    • Upload PDFs and images
    • Tax receipts
    • Digital signature
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How Our Client Increased Registrations With PerfectMind’s Membership Software

The American Martial Arts Academy is a family-run martial arts school with two locations in Southern California's Orange County. This school teaches karate to over 1,000 students ranging from toddlers to 90-years-old in age. Their specialised approach is available to students through various programs, and AMAA has mastered the art of reaching students virtually and seamlessly.

AMAA felt like they tried every software option on the market, but struggled to find a membership management tool that suited their rapidly growing needs. AMAA were looking for an easy-to-use membership management system that could be implemented at both schools and automate processes across the team.

At the bottom line, AMAA also required a management solution that was accessible and would not require them to pass extra fees along to their students through tuition billing. Finding all this, while operating as a systems-based business and allowing freedom to the staff and owners, was critical.

AMAA didn’t need a cookie cutter solution, or to be just a number on a page to a software provider. They were seeking a customised approach for the unique needs of their business. For that reason, a membership software that provided AMAA with simple systems was at the top of their list of requirements.

With PerfectMind, that was exactly what they found: a customised, cloud-based dashboard that could be tailored to their school’s liking. PerfectMind also demonstrated the capacity to scale along with AMAA, starting with the migration of over 500 customers to their new membership database software.

AMAA has continued to thrive with the help of PerfectMind's membership management services. The greatest outcome to going live with PerfectMind was just how much the platform simplified membership management internally. With more efficient workflows and processes in place, AMAA could instead focus on building more meaningful relationships with their students while teaching karate.

PerfectMind is tried and true - they've been around for years and years now, and they have a lot of things figured out. It allows us with an easy way to handle our students ... and allow us to focus on what we love doing which is teaching martial arts.

American Martial Arts Academy


Sensei Jason Wenneberg
Lead Instructor

American Martial Arts Academy
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Membership Software Teams Trust Us

With dedicated membership subscription software from PerfectMind, you can once again embrace what made you fall in love with your work in the first place and worry less about back-office tasks. Schedule classes, manage memberships, and increase member engagement through our easy-to-use platform.

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