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Cloud-Based Facility Management Software Australia

With Xplor Recreation, facility management has never been easier.

Manage bookings, schedules, and rentals for indoor and outdoor facilities, parks, fields, campgrounds, meeting spaces, party venues, and access more features with our powerful facility management software. By using our facility management system you can automate time-consuming tasks and focus on what truly matters: your community.

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Facility Booking Software

Make facility booking and scheduling hassle-free online or on-site. Xplor Recreation cloud-based facility management software uses a wide variety of features to easily handle large contracts, waivers, recurring bookings, and more. You’ll never have to stress about double-booking with our user-friendly facility management platform.

  • Advance booking management for facilities
  • Easy facility contract amendments
  • Dependent facility management
  • Conflict management system for facilities
  • Quick rental asset management for facilities
  • Facility capacity management
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Maintenance management
  • Sell equipment and add-ons for facilities
  • Questionnaires and waivers for facilities
  • Configurable facility contract templates
  • Overnight and recurring booking management for facilities

Interactive Calendar & Map Software

Easily access interactive maps and manage facility maintenance! With our cloud-based facility management software, you can get a real-time view of availability across your network of meeting rooms, fields, pools, courts, and other public-facing facilities using our interactive calendar and facility maps.

  • Integrated facility calendar with multiple views
  • Interactive facility map with clickable pins
  • Colour-coded availability indicators for facilities
  • Robust facility search features
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Automated Facility Lighting Software

Our automated facility management system can help to reduce energy use! Save on energy and maintenance costs by turning lights on only when they’re needed. By integrating Xplor Recreation’s online facility scheduling software with leading automated lighting solutions, you can manage lighting within facilities and related fees with full control and flexibility.

  • Time zone support management software
  • Configurable lighting fee management
  • Buffer time for lights on/off
  • Dawn and dusk calculations for your facility
Facility Management Software-Automated Facility Lighting

Facility Maintenance Software

Facility maintenance doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore. With Xplor Recreation automated facility maintenance scheduling software you can easily track everything you need to keep your facility running smoothly. Our software solution allows facility managers to schedule preventive maintenance, track work order management, organise cleaning services, and more in real time. The best way to avoid costly repairs is having a clear schedule of all regular maintenance tasks in one place.

  • Create maintenance reports
  • Schedule maintenance in your facility
  • Contract and manage cleaning services
  • Reduce energy use in your facility

Discover The Benefits of Facility Management Software From Xplor Recreation

Managing the day-to-day operations can be the most time consuming aspect of running any business. For organisations like parks and recreation centres, gyms and fitness clubs, and university sports facilities, you need to keep track of members, bookings, schedules, payments, and more. These daily responsibilities often keep you from focusing on the core of your business: the people.

Facility management software is a vital tool to automate time-consuming tasks and streamline your business. Xplor Recreation’s powerful cloud-based facility management platform was created by a real small business owner — so the software was built with a foundation that truly identifies and solves common pain points around facility and member management.

If you have a facility where you have members, employees or students coming in and out, marketing materials, classes, scheduling and POS and payment systems, our automated facility management system is an ideal solution. Think of it as an all-in-one platform that helps you easily see all the information about your business.

The benefits of our facility management software go beyond just the day-to-day management of your business or organisation. With Xplor Recreation, you can quickly communicate key messages and marketing to members, see insights from sales and adjust your business plan to gain revenue, and customise your offerings as your members desire different offerings to stay in tune with member wants.

Whether your goal is to maintain your business, grow your business, or just communicate with the people in your network, Xplor Recreation’s cloud-based facility management software can help you to get organised and stay on track.

Facility Management Software Teams Trust Us

Our facility management system empowers you to fully support your community — regardless of scale or style. Easily promote booking, streamline operations, reduce back-office tasks, manage memberships, and create exceptional experiences with your customers.

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Secure, Stable and Scalable

PCI-DSS Level-1 Certified
We hold the highest level of credit card security, PCI-DSS Level 1, to ensure your financial data is never compromised.
24/7 Network Protection
We use multiple industry-recognised third-party tools to monitor network traffic, protect against malicious activities, and block intrusions 24/7/365.
99.95% Uptime Guarantee
Our platform’s uptime minimises service interruptions so your staff and community members can enjoy a consistent user experience.
Dynamic Web Hosting
Xplor Recreation is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Australia, United States and Canada, which allows resources to scale quickly during peak registration periods.
Disaster Recovery Plan
Data is backed up on a regularly scheduled basis and replicated through multiple geo-redundant data centres to ensure availability and minimal data loss in case of system failure.
Secure Data Storage
To ensure maximum security, dedicated client databases are individually encrypted, and all transmissions are secured using TLS 1.2 and HTTPS protocols to prevent unwanted access to your data.

Enterprise Facility Management Software That Grows with You

Investing in Xplor Recreation’s PaaS solution means there is no software installation or hardware required. You also don’t pay extra for updates we release each quarter. Our cloud-based facility management platform allows organisations to scale faster and more efficiently.