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POS and Payments Software

Sell all kind of products, membership and events on-site or online with a responsive layout that can be accessed from any computer or smart device.  
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screenshot of pos and billing software

Point of Sale (POS)

Choose from a range of payment options and plans, discounts, and bundling options for a speedier checkout process.
    • Sell products, membership, events, and tickets
    • Organise items by departments and categories
    • Purchase orders 
    • Inventory management 
    • Sales dashboard 
    • Smart size and color picker
    • Multiple fees support
    • Custom reporting
    • PCI-Compliance
screenshot of online pos software
screenshot of billing software payment screens

Payment Processing

Effortlessly complete multiple transactions in a single payment. Different payment methods and options are available to fit any payment processing situation.
    • Pinpads and terminal support
    • Payment processing plans 
    • Multiple payers per transaction
    • Third party payments
    • Fraud Prevention
    • Recurring billing and scheduled payments 
    • Subsidy and cash rounding 
    • Auto-billing services
    • Pay using debit, credit, or gift cards
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Online Store

With our cloud-based PaaS software, pay for products and services 24/7 using any device. Take control of the online experience by deciding what information, products, and services are available online.
    • Start selling by adding widgets to your own website 
    • Payment processing and recurring payment plans support
    • Sell products, events, programs, facility bookings, and memberships
    • Credit cards, gift cards, account credit, subsidy, PayPal, and promo codes


screenshot of online store
screenshot of accounting module in billing software

Optional Accounting

Make tracking financials easy with our fully integrated accounting module. Real-time reporting means you always have an up-to-date view of your business operations.
    • Manage deferred revenue
    • Accrual-based accounting
    • Cash rounding
    • Split revenues between GLs
    • Void, refund, or freeze transactions
    • Manual or automated exports to your financial software
    • Unlimited GL accounts
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