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Case Study: The American Martial Arts Academy

The American Martial Arts Academy

Success Story

From Mom & Pop To Millions in Revenue

The American Martial Arts Academy is a family-run martial arts school with two locations in Southern California's Orange County. This school teaches karate to over 1,000 students ranging from toddlers to 90-years-old in age. AMAA felt like they tried every software option on the market, but struggled to find a solution that suited their rapidly growing needs.



million USD
in sales (2019)


enrolled in March 2020


in registrations

Their Story

Established in 1992, AMAA specializes in Okinawan-style karate along with a heavy emphasis on helping students build focus and confidence and discipline and respect. Their specialized approach is available to students through various programs, and AMAA has mastered the art of reaching students virtually and seamlessly.

Their Goal

Create a studio to serve & help the masses

One of the greatest solutions AMAA required on their side was ease of use; a software solution that could be implemented at both schools and automate processes across the team.


At the bottom line, AMAA also required a solution that was accessible and would not require them to pass extra fees along to their students through tuition billing. Finding all this, while operating as a systems-based business and allowing freedom to the staff and owners, was critical. 

Xplor Recreation has allowed us to grow from a small studio to the large studio that we are today. It's great to have a company that's responsive and is willing to work with you, even on things that might not apply to other studios, and it might be just customized just to your specific business.

Sensei Jason Wenneberg
Lead Instructor,
American Martial Arts Academy


Their Solution

AMAA didn't need a cookie cutter solution, or to be just a number on a page to a software provider. They were seeking a customized approach for the unique needs of their business. For that reason, a software that provided AMAA with simple systems was at the top of their list of requirements.


With Xplor Recreation, that was exactly what they found: a customized, cloud-based dashboard that could be tailored to their school's liking. Plus, Xplor Recreation demonstrated the capacity to scale along with AMAA, starting with the migration of over 500 customers to their new member database.


  • Email automation
  • Custom lists
  • Easy registration
  • Tuition billing
  • Custom widgets & reports
  • Membership auto-renewal
  • Class limitations
  • Online scheduling 


  •  Increased customer satisfaction
  • Seamlessly transition to Xplor Recreation
  • Reduce employee training time
  • Quickly and easily book spaces
  • Keep a clean database
  • See revenue reports, data and cash flow
  • Have one centralized platform for customers
  • Simplified promotional efforts and increased revenue

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Their Success


A Seamless Experience for Members, Employees and Management

The technology of Xplor Recreation allowed HRCA to finally offer its extensive member base a user-friendly platform to perform everyday tasks with ease like booking classes, camps, managing appointments and performing housing tasks. What’s more, the HRCA staff saved time training their employees due to the simplicity of the Xplor Recreation platform, and also know that Xplor Recreation’s team is on-call whenever they have questions, feedback, or ideas for new features.

Results include:

  •  50% reduction in employee training time
  •  800 employees successfully trained
  •  Organized, accessible database & reports
  • 90,000 members served & satisfied
  • Reduction in booking conflicts
  • Increase in revenue through promotions

“We wanted to do things with our past software, but the technology was not able to keep up. That is not the case with Xplor Recreation. They’re a very innovative company, and they’re able to keep up with what we want to do; the software does not hinder us from where we want to go."

Curt Avery
Training Coordinator

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