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Camp Software For Program Management

Xplor Recreation offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution for summer camps, day camps, and specialized camps alike with our camp management software.

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Camp Management Software Integrations

Take full advantage of the power of Xplor Recreation by integrating third-party software! Effortlessly minimize duplicate data entry while making the process more efficient for your team.

Existing Integrations
Utilize our existing integrations with payment providers, financial systems, automated lighting systems, GIS, access controls, and more for no additional cost.
API Integration
Use these services to support user-friendly interconnectivity across platforms. Use our robust RESTful API to create integrations with third-party systems.
Professional Services
Too busy to build an integration? Contact us at our expert Professional Services team to see if we can help and build one for you.

Perfect for Any Camp

Whether you run a summer-long camp for children or a day camp for teenagers exploring their creativity, Xplor Recreation has quickly become the answer for camp managers seeking the best camp management software.

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Secure, Stable and Scalable


24-Hour Support, 7 Days a Week.

We are committed to your success. Xplor Recreation’s support team is here for you 24/7 to answer your questions about our camp management software and ensure you’re making the most of what your summer camp has to offer.


Streamline Your Operations and Grow Your Camp Today

Investing in Xplor Recreation’s PaaS solutions means there is no software installation or hardware required. You also don’t pay extra for updates we release each quarter. Our cloud-based solution allows businesses in the leisure industry to scale faster and more efficiently.

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