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Winter '20 (v6.0) Hotfix - February 19, 2020 (Environments: BETA)

Hotfixes were applied to all BETA environments to resolve the following issues:


Accounting - Withdraw from event when UseGLServiceForRefundEvent is on, should update original and reverse Journal date back to date of withdraw
Accounting - Missing Transaction from Terminal Payment
Billing - Payment station not showing when payout by cash even when you select a station
Billing - Invoice App - Small UI Modification
Billing - Unable to enable "Pay Out to Credit Card" and change the GL Account
Billing - Invoice Subtotal is not equal Invoice CartItem Subtotal on amending contract with only scheduled invoices
Calendar - Unable to issue refund again for the earlier declined refund
Calendar - An alternative address field should be added to Registration Confirmation document
Calendar - Error returns on Navigating to Event Participants page
Calendar - Calendar Settings are not saved to Widget
CRM - Facility Contract view takes excessive amount of time to load contracts.
CRM - Online Members can see all names of all documents from all clients.
Events - Answer for questionnaire being overridden with an answer from a second course using the same questionnaire
Events - Online booking shows incorrect pricing for the event
Facility and Space - Facility Booking Report total doesn't match Facility Agreement
Facility and Space - Facility booking report not displaying bookings accurately
Facility and Space - Contract document session details do not match reservation session details
Facility and Space - Unable to view the contract in facility booking report
Facility and Space - Age and service does not appear to be filtering correctly
Facility and Space - Rollover not working
Facility and Space - Contracts to be completed report not respecting facility contract end date
Marketing - Brochure export template 4 does not show location name and course id
Store - Rename "restricted Payment Methods" to "Payment Method Exclusions"
Store - Able to send arbitrary value as "change due" on POS 2
Store - Remove http from old POS 1
Store - Able to call GetMailingAddress without authentication
Store - Changes to CORS headers
Store - Reflected XSS in /Object/Create endpoint
Store - DOM-based XSS on BookMe4 search page
Store - Session is still valid even after user logs out
Store - Payment Invoice CartItem Amount is not equal Payment Invoice CartItem Occurrence Amount on amend contract with Partial processed invoice
Store - Till Adjustment popup UI changes
System Reports - Missing Contracts on Facility booking report