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5.2.3 Hotfix - August 1st, 2019 (Environments: LA)

Hotfixes were applied to all LA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Accounting - AR Credit Entry missing after the credit card payment for membership on payment plan
  • Accounting - Loyalist Township G424075 - 25,27 Jul 2019
  • Billing - Allowing to refund back to Account credit when original payment was terminal, credit card, walk in
  • Calendar - Error on loading contact details page
  • Calendar - Error on loading Account details page
  • Calendar - Unable to scan contact via check in with SMB
  • Calendar - Waitlist gets priority on holds released before new attendees can hold any spots
  • Calendar - sort by age, filter by gender
  • Calendar - Appointment Booking Online, Mobile Responsive
  • PM Scan - Don't Allow manual event selection eligible event(s) failed to show or get attended to contact who has valid membership
  • PM Scan - Scan Setting saved should not change user selection [Booked not checked]
  • PM Scan - PMScan does not attach membership to event attendance scan
  • PM Scan - PM Scan access and attendance
  • PM Scan - PM Scan, changes
  • Store - 5.2.3 Performance Test Issues
  • Store - Error while registering client into legacy calendar event
  • Reports - Show original cost of course and the rate to be paid to instructor
  • Online Portal - Schedule View - Event Details
  • Online Portal - Schedule View - Add to calendar
  • System - Update GL Extension Setting to support non alphabetical character and up to 15 characters