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5.2.3 Hotfix - September 11th, 2019 (Environments: GA)

Hotfixes were applied to all GA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Accounting - Journals imbalance on purchasing facility event with Monthly Dynamic payment plan
  • Accounting - Equipment is not deferred when a booking has no repeat pattern selected.
  • Accounting - GL Net balance per effective date doesn't balance on purchase facility with discount and extra
  • Accounting - Discrepancy between total amount on Report Vs. Detailed view
  • Accounting - Journals imbalance on terminate membership with prorate amount after processing invoices
  • Accounting - GL Net balance per effective date doesn't balance on amend contract after partial process invoice
  • Accounting - Negative invoicecartitemoccurence on equal payment discounted contract
  • Accounting - Unable to load AR aging report details
  • Billing - Unable to charge client due to address field being too long
  • Billing - Receipts shows up incorrect value for Sales Tax & Total
  • Billing - Inconsistency in due dates
  • Billing - Double charge investigation
  • Billing - Incorrect down payment amount
  • Billing - G423706 Mission: Missing transaction on PM
  • Billing - Ongoing invoices created with incorrect tax value (data fix)
  • Billing - Tax value updated on the cart item level level so next invoices are created with correct amount (data fix)
  • Billing - Scheduled invoice didn't attempt to charge the card
  • Billing - Future invoices have been generated with incorrect amount
  • Billing - Invoice CartItem Subtotal is not equal Invoice CartItem Occurrence Subtotal on purchase multiple child care with split pay now and pay later
  • Billing - Detection Script for the Member created Transactions which have completed Invoice with missing Payment Record- No GL record
  • Billing - 523 Partial Paid contract terminate with cancellation equal to paid amount with security deposit does not create new transaction or retain full paid amount
  • Billing - Slow performance loading Transaction details page.
  • Calendar - POS pay now total includes fee from cancelled session
  • Calendar - Unable to go into attendance list through list view only
  • Calendar - Appointment Booking does not display Service Description on Widget
  • Calendar - Cloning of the event doubles the facility
  • Calendar - Reasons for Cancellations Report does not show refunded fees and refunded extras
  • Calendar - Staff Payment estimate not showing revenue for sessions
  • Calendar - Discount merge field listing all discounts instead of listing event specific discount
  • Calendar - Payment plan not working correctly when enrolling 2 clients
  • Calendar - Prorated price is displayed as not proratgted in case 2 members are booked in same transaction
  • Calendar - 5.2.3 Calendar settings keeps displaying "No restrictions" after save
  • Calendar - Amending Registration Doubles Extras when amending after modifying extras amount
  • Calendar - Bulk update giving an incorrect error and not allowing to update fee
  • Calendar - Online appointment booking does not append service name to event name
  • Calendar - Warning for Missing Address when there is no residency fee attached
  • Calendar - Session date resets to 1st session's date when changing facility time from day view
  • Calendar - Booking Summary returns error
  • Calendar - Unable to edit and save service
  • Calendar - Mscorlib error when scanning client into an event
  • Calendar - Unable to scan members dropping the last digit of the perfect scan ID
  • Calendar - UI issue with amenities selection
  • CRM - Staff Payment Estimate Report showing incorrect revenue when gift card is used to pay
  • CRM - Client cannot print registration confirmation
  • CRM - Unable to merge document for a Family membership
  • CRM - Unable to reschedule invoices when freezing
  • CRM - Ongoing membership with null nextpayment day cause no payment processed
  • CRM - Increase the annual membership Fee Change Required for Invoices Dated as of August 19, 2019
  • CRM - Ongoing transaction displays Remaining Balance
  • CRM - Unable to load any contact in PM2
  • Facility & Space - Contract displaying incorrect padding on Advanced reservation FA-2885
  • Facility & Space - Facility Booking Report total does not sum up correctly
  • Facility & Space - Updating times from view sessions not updating facility time in edit event
  • Facility & Space - Full day doesn't show full day hours after you change it to a different day
  • Facility & Space - Unable to process the Rollover contract
  • Facility & Space - Facility Booking Report showing incorrect contract total
  • Facility & Space - Age groups are not updated online
  • Facility & Space - Age groups are allpied incorrectly on search
  • Marketing - Campaign field does not show up on the Form when Simplify Layout is used
  • Marketing - Email address does not populate when send to sign registration confirmation
  • Online Community - Phone number field formating not holding correctly on Mobile device
  • Online Community - Unable to submit forms due to phone number format error
  • Online Community - Send to Sign Error and will not login
  • Platform - Campaign Activity is not being triggered
  • PM Scan - Paid event does not show up
  • Store - Down payment field is using the down payment from the first membership added to cart
  • Store - Single booking event that starts today with no repeat pattern does not show on POS search
  • Store - Invoice CartItem Subtotal is not equal Invoice CartItem Occurrence Subtotal for facility contract with fix downpayment on BOU payment plan & apply fix amount discount
  • Store - Invoice CartItem Subtotal is not equal Invoice CartItem Occurrence Subtotal - For Facility reservation with equipment using Custom Payment Plan
  • Store - Rounding problem on invoice cart item occurrence table with BOU payment plan with Fix Amount downpayment
  • Store - Incorrect cart item amounts if changing Payment plan during amend
  • Store - Negative subtotal in InvoiceCartItemOccurrence for facility reservation with tax included reservation fee & no payment plan
  • Store - Negative subtotal in InvoiceCartItemOccurrence for facility reservation using BOU payment plan with downpayment
  • Store - 5.2.3 Object Hold Performance Test Issues
  • Store - 5.2.3 CartItem Tax is not equal Invoice CartItem Tax when purchasing multiple memberships with payment plan (down payment >0)
  • System Reports - Performance issues August 8th Around 8-9 AM G423706



PM Scan and Smart Client Users


Please ensure you have the following updates to run PM Scan and Smart Client

  1. The .Net 4.7.2 Framework is required on the local machine that runs PM Scan or Smart Client
  2. Installation of a latest version of the PM Scan or Smart Client

If you use PM Scan or Smart Client in your rec centre, we want to inform you that some clients may see an error message indicating they are “Unable to install or run this application" after the update on the evening of Tuesday, September 10th

Why am I seeing an error message?

If you do not have the latest updates on the machine after the release Sept 10, 2019 you will get the below error message, you will need to install the updates to correct the issue.

“Unable to install or run this application"

For set-up information please reference:

Set Up Scanning Stations to Enable Access to Facilities

Smart Client Company Setup


Workstation Best Practices:

  1. We recommend you refresh your cache (Article) after the release
  2. Immediately initialize the workstation with a pinpad, to ensure you can resume collecting payments

Note: this is due to the local cookie stored for that initialization that gets erased when you clear your cache.